Trying to Love the Life I Live
The Sunday feeling.

I don’t really have the Monday feeling, it’s the Sunday feeling for me, and today it’s especially bad.

The feeling when your lying in bed, feeling sorry for yourself because you’ve partied too hard, drank too much and made some very bad choices. And then you think of all the things that your gonna do, starting from Monday, to make your life so much better!

No alcohol, that does seem to be the root of all my problems, wow, shit, fuck, that really does seem to be the root. So as we’ve worked that one out, no alcohol. No alcohol. Wish me luck! Ha!


Doing it again :/

When you live in a world, where everywhere you look, everywhere you go, and everywhere you turn is obsessed with body image, fashion and looks, it’s hard to love yourself.

I’m not like the girls in the magazines, on the TV or in the shops.

I have scars, I have cuts, I bruises and rashes. I don’t have perfect skin, I don’t have the perfect shape and I don’t have the perfect looks.

There are days where I can’t even bring myself to look in the mirror because I don’t want to upset myself with what I look like. That’s not right, and why am I upset?! Because I don’t look like what I see everyday and what I see everywhere.

To me, that’s wrong.

letgoandembrace:Life is complicated on We Heart It.


Life is complicated on We Heart It.

Only 4 days in, it can still change!

Only 4 days in, it can still change!